The wonderful world of Dremel accessories

(Wonderful for them, not the buyer, of course)

Dremel sells a "starter kit", SC406, which is a kind of excuse of ripping you off and selling a package which contains mostly .. well .. packaging and air.

I have to admit that their web page includes the amount of wheels included, but the package itself doesn't. Very convinient for casual shopper, isn't it?

But see for yourself:

You'd might think that you get a whole stack of disks with this package, wouldn't you?

Actually no. You get a large package which includes a lot of fluff and smaller package.

That package finally includes something you thought you bought. But how many?

That's right. Excactly two. And a holder for them. I'd bet that the package costs much more than the contents it has. As you can see the contents/air -ratio is about 1/50.

You won't believe? See this:

Do you believe now?

Finally an overwiev of the "contents" of the package:

Same set in Amazon Germany 12 euros. Reinforced disks with dremel badges are about a euro per piece (in package of 10) so this holder and package costs 11 euros. Or has about 1100% profit margin, your choice.

Some price reference: 125mm thin blade (1,2mm) cutter disc cost about a euro per piece in a local hardware store and it has more (same) cutting material than 10 Dremel disks combined. Ie. material cost per disc is less than 10c and that 1e/disc is almost pure profit, too, thus raising the profit margin in this starter kit to stunning 4000%.

Modified 13.8.2009

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