Things to do or already done (random order but with date if done and those are ordered by date)

- Rear suspension bombs replacement - 1/2 changed 20.5.2011. 2/2: Fall 2011.
- Install radio - done 22.7.2011, a Pioneer with amber text, good sound and loud enough
- Replace instrument cluster backlight bulbs - Done in 24.7. 2011
- Replace instrument cluster condensators - Done in 24.7. 2011
- New badge to rear - ok, 2.8.2011
- Service 1 (Oil & filter change 20.5. 2011) Again in 11.11. 2013.
- Find 2 hubcaps & change badges to 2 others - badges bought 2.8. 2011- rims changed 14.8.2011, no need for hubcaps for a while
- Rear subframe bushings change - Under consideration, don't feel too soft yet. 14.8.2011
- Fix air condition - new dryer 10.8.2011, new pressure switch 12.8. 2011. Assembled and tested OK 16.8.2011 - serviced June/2013
- (Fuel gauge sensor stuck @55l) Correction 2.8.2011: Fuel sensor & gauge works, fuel pump random fail. Haven't occurred again, 20.8.2011. The other fuel pump doesn't always start - summer 2013.
- OBC whines about brake and parking lights every day now - fixed by resoldering the mustard relay, 24.8.2011
- Bad starts, new battery needed?- Recharge seems to help, too short trips? (16.8.2011) - It's dead, have to change (23.08.2011)- New Sznajder, 88Ah from Motonet, 25.8.2011 and now OK. Related to instrument panel issue/trip meter.
- Interior lights won't work from door switches, manually they do - Cleaned the switch and they have worked since, 25.08.2011
- Light washer repair (2 rubber seals dead, new ordered 27.7. 2011 and got 2.8. 2011, assembly after air condition is OK) - installed 20.8.2011, no change(!), problem remains - final diagnosis @ 27.8.2011: Pump shaft seals broken on both pumps, have to be replaced. Holes temporarily plugged that the windshield washer works, 27.8.2011
- Low lights very bad, hardly can see anything in the dark. - New lights, spring 2012.
- Rim service needed, new old ones aren't round but oval (old fault, this one). For now loaner rims from long one. Rims repaired 3/2013, need just new tyres. New tyres finally got at 11.11. 2013.
- Heater fan runs on full speed all the time; a standard failure: Sword MOSFET (1/4) shorted. Spare sword somewhere here, have to find it some day. 22.9.2011 - Found and replaced, now works like a charm. 25.9.2011. Failed again 19.4. 2013, swapped repaired sword from shelf, works OK again.
- Trip meter resets to zero over night (with new condensators) - Works mostly now, sometimes power breaks within instrument panel or bad battery, 12.8. 2011. Seem to have been the bad battery, no problems after battery change, 27.8.2011 ... not for long, instrument panel problems continues occasionally, probably a bad solder on the circuit board/broken wire in car. 22.9. 2011. Instrument panel found faulty, it draws 300mA current all the time (nominal <30mA). 19.8.2012. Temporary fix: Remove F20 when not in daily use. 19.4.2013 Whole panel swapped to a another used one (with 240km/h max speed, needs yet a speedometer swap from old one). Seems to operate OK and the issue is finally solved. - Speedometer swapped too, spring 2013. 11.11. 2013 Instrument panel dead at cold weather: Wakes up after a moment.
- Fix sticking brakes - Seems to get better with use, nothing done and still works, 31.7. 2011 and OK now, 12.8.2011. Right front still sticky occasionally if hot weather and city driving. 19.8.2012. Disassembled right front brake, cleaned it and put it back, much better now. 26.4.2013. Might be a master cylinder issue, still occurs from time to time at hot weather. 11.11. 2013 Sticking directly related to engine bay temperature and in all wheels: Most probably master cylinder.
- Service 2
- Whole drivers seat tilts sideways when moved - passenger seat fixed 9.7.2013 - Driver seat fixed in 12.08. 2013
- Minor scratches & dents need some make-up - Done in 09/13 and battery died totally while being in service: New battery (Exide) in October 2013.

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