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BMW's TRX rims (styling 7) after some pre-cleaning with brush ang soap. Those couldn't remove more than some dust and cobwebs, brake dust has tranformed to a very solid layer and don't want to leave. Obviously achieved by several years of ignorance by previous owners.

A couple of rounds of washing with Korrek's 'Vanne-&esipesu' ("Rim & pre-cleaning") didn't help much. Some dirt came loose but more by vigorous brushing than by efficient cleaner.

Sonax X-treme 'Vannepesu' (Rim wash) and King Brillant 'Wheel Cleaner' (not a typo, that's what it says on the bottle) next under testing and we're getting some results, Sonax is powerful, but King isn't much better than Korrek.

Last, but not least Biltema's (*) Vannepesu (Rim wash), with cleaning power like Sonax, but at quarter of the price. Rims without finishing:

A workind has gone by now (8 hours) and if I had Biltema/Sonax stuff right at the beginning, that time would dropped to half.

Next day some finishing and waxing. Just cheap general wax as I didn't find real rim vax. Rim with 60 holes, especially with so much hard dirt as these had, is a hard job to clean and wax and it generates a lot of sweat.

Some damage in paint can be seen here, not much but visible.

Dust covers were in bad shape as some idiot had tried to open them from the "nut" on the cover and BWM stickers were dead, so I removed those and bought new ones from the dealer next week. Much, much better.

Chemicals used and the end result installed:

I happened to bump into an offer I couldn't refuse for bigger TRX-rims (415mm) so I decided at least test that what those would look like. Truck-like thread means slow cruising but that suits me.

Same problem with the stickers here:

New stickers, washed and waxed rims, look much better.

You can see that these are much bigger tyres than 390mm versions and leave much less room into wheel wells, much better in that sense too.

(*) A Nordic hardware & car acessories shop (Sweden, Finland, Norway at least) that bottles most of their products themselves, can't be bought elsewhere. Relatively cheap too.

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