Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia, 1963

Tämä sivu myös suomeksi. See also update 04/2016.

Karmann-Ghia, front

I finally found a Ghia for sale and bought it without a second thought, altough it took all the money I had or could borrow. Doesn't matter. :)

I started really looking for one at autumn and was offered one at beginning of May, so it took about six months as I bought it May 28th, 2000.

Ghia is my daily driver (or motorbike) at the summer and will be stored in warm and dry place for winters.

K-G, right side

I have plenty of pictures of my Ghia, here are some of them. More pictures can be found from here.

K-G, still

K-G, snd still more

K-G, engine compartment

As you can see from the pictures above and below, the colour of the car seems almost variable, depending of the camera and time of day etc. (Pictures taken with several digicameras.) On my monitor the picture above is nearest, the others are a bit too dark or too blue.)

K-G, dashboard

Inside view shows aftermarket steering wheel (Don't know the brand. It has a small 'dp'-logo on the horn button. If you know, please e-mail) and six little holes around radio. I suppose they are the remains of original radio. Steering wheel is now replaced with original one.

Current radio is a Blaupunkt and it now has two knobs as I found the original Beetle-type knobs for it.

K-G buried

Small blizzard at the beginning of the November 2006. Melted away in couple of weeks but made me put the car into winter storage.

I do have a switch for the windshield wiper, but it's too new model so I won't install it before I'm sure I can't find the washer button. I think it's the same as Beetle's so it will be easy to find.(Or so I thought, I was wrong: update at 9th of September, 2001).

Some new pictures from summer 2016:
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Below is the picture which I got with the offering e-mail. As I had always wanted a sky blue Ghia, it was clear I had to take a closer look. It didn't matter that this was over 300 miles away. :) It was also the first Ghia on sale this year (2000). (There aren't many Ghias here in Finland and still less sold. As euro is low and pound & dollar high, it would be very expensive to buy one from either England or USA.)

K-G, sales picture

Non-standard parts:

No others as far I know. Note that Ghia is US-model, hence clear front blinkers, all red rear lights, towel-bars on bumpers and gear lock.

Things to do: (in order of observation)

Repairing things:

1: The horns

2: Engine rebuild 2009-2015

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