BMW 750 iAL, 1989

(Tämä sivu myös suomeksi.)

I drove a while with Seat and as I drove more than thousand kilometers in a week soon after christmas 2001, I was quit fed up with that. Seat really isn't a touring car, as you might guess. ;)

I had been looking for comfortable and large touring car or limousine and eventually I had eliminated all but Jaguar XJ6 or BMW 7-series. Mercedes' are too expensive here and usually they have been driven a lot, 400 000 km's isn't uncommon. BMW was the solution as I found that a friend of mine was selling his and he promised to sell spare parts from his spare parts car if I needed some. As you might know, BMW's spare parts are expensive, especially so for 7-series.

Some pictures are out of focus as my old camera was obviously getting old and autofocus isn't always working and it doesn't have manual focus.

New pictures, from summer 2022, at the end of the others, here.

Front view

Picture shows very clearly difference between old and new lights, fog lights are old and the others new.

Front left

Side view

I just had to take some pictures, even if the weather was just above freezing and car dirty.

Back left

Back view

This car has removable tow hook, which hides under the small hatch(?) below rear bumper (better seen in bigger picture).
I've been told that that's very uncommon factory option.


Front seats

Back seat

Back seat has enough leg room, as this is L-model, about 5" longer than standard model and all of that space is in the front of the back seat.


Dark red stripe is a part of the camera, nothing special. ;)

There's not much space under the hood, as the engine is at least a number too big for this chassis.

Pictures from April 2002: Front left view
Shine is quite good for an 13-year-old car. :) Auto-Glym's reputation isn't all hype.

Front view

Front right view

Left view

New pictures, July 2011.

Rust is taking its toll and years are showing, but otherwise still a nice touring car. Odometer has almost 400 000 now and that shows.





Paint isn't in top shape anymore but you still can see some kind of reflection of the photographer.





New pics, August 2022.




Factory options:

These cars have an option list about mile long, on top of standard features. Mine has following options ( found on a assembly line document in glove box):

Repairs done and to-do:

Picture page of various repairs

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